CMP Pads

DuPont's Broad Portfolio of Polishing Pads

DuPont’s polishing pad portfolio sets the standard for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) in semiconductor manufacturing. Our wide range of hard and soft CMP pads are designed to meet the distinct needs of each different CMP application and technology node.

Our technical team supports customers with a robust understanding of CMP fundamentals, including product and process development capabilities. We can talk to you about what CMP pad will best meet your particular needs, including advanced technical performance, yield improvements and cost-of-ownership. We also welcome the opportunity to help enhance your overall process.

DuPont's offerings include several product families, all of which can meet the needs of multiple applications.

  • Our CMP pads cover a wide range of applications and technology nodes. For help understanding which technologies are well-suited for different CMP applications, please refer to the following chart.

    Copper Bulk Polishing

    Ikonic? 3040M, 4121H, 4250H

    Visionpad? 6000, 7480, 9280


    Copper Barrier Polishing

    Ikonic? 2010H, 2020H, 2040H, 2060H

    Visionpad? 3100, 3500

    Optivision? PRO 9500

    Tungsten Polishing

    Ikonic? 4250H, 4121H, 4141H

    Visionpad? 5000


    STI /Ceria Polishing Applications

    Ikonic? 4121H, 4140H, 4250H

    Visionpad? 5000, 6000


    Oxide Polishing

    Visionpad? 5000, 6000, 7480


    Buff Polishing

    Ikonic? 2010H, 2020H, 2040H, 2060H

    Optivision? 4540, 4548

    Politex?, Politex? AT


Materials for CMP