BIOBAN? offers a comprehensive portfolio of actives, including Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT), BIT, Bronopol, CMIT/MI as well as blends to address contamination challenges of your polymers, paints and coatings

BIOBAN? 104 Antimicrobial

BIOBAN 104 Antimicrobial is a highly concentrated liquid preparation of active substances that are effective against fungi and algae. It must be diluted with water prior to use. BIOBAN 104 is used as a technical restorative treatment medium for infested and overgrown paint substrates. In contrast to usual refurbishment products that have a very limited active life, BIOBAN 104 has a long-term remedial effect and contributes to the prevention of secondary infestation of coatings by bacteria ,which will grow on the matrix of destroyed fungi and algae. The product improves the adhesion of dispersion paint and plasters, and contributes to the prevention of blisters and flaking of the new paint.

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